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Room 5 is a bright, air-conditioned space of 38 m2, high tech equipped and arranged for your creativity, innovation, training, brainstorming, design thinking workshops for which a collaborative and innovative approach is a MUST.

The trendy furniture in a "home-like" hyper-modulating spirit will allow you to switch from working sessions in a circle to small groups around consoles in the blink of an eye. You will easily appropriate this place where collegiality and creativity are chief.

Paper-board, whiteboard, video projector, Wi-Fi and high tech and traditional creative materials (Lego, post-it...) are at your disposal.

Optimum capacity of 18 people in a creative configuration, up to 40 people in a conference layout.

Breaks and benefits a la Carte or in a package.

And if you want to switch from a U or cabaret configuration to a creative space, you'll like our 4 + 5 mixed configuration room (85m2). Room 4 is connected to room 5 by a removable partition that you can open or close at your leisure.

Half Day (4 hours)

279 H. T
Advantage Period
321 H. T
Normal period
Conference Configuration + €150

Eco Study Day

Coffee reception, lunch, afternoon break (minimum 15 people) €59 per person excl. VAT

VIP Study Day

Coffee reception, morning break, on-site or restaurant lunch, afternoon break (minimum 15 people) €72 per person excl. VAT


Choose your starting configuration and move the modulable furniture depending your workshops. We will gladly help you if necessary

A la carte

Choose your breakfast, breaks, lunch (on site or in a nearby restaurant), cocktail party, soft drinks, etc.

Global Solutions

All Inclusive Packages and Day study packages are available if you wish to book in a few seconds

100% Reactive

We are always here to help you with anything you need

User Friendly

The break rooms' cosy atmosphere await you during your breaks

At your disposal

To book your events by phone or email

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