Meeting room configurations

Modular meeting Room in Clichy

Mixed spaces combining formality and creativity:

Ideal for bringing conviviality and developing innovation in your study days, our mixed rooms are composed of two spaces, one fitted out with classic office furniture although very modular, the other with sofas, carpets, coffee tables, armchairs, etc. in a "home-like" spirit. The combination of these two worlds in the same meeting room in Clichy, allows you to organise breaks and breathing moments within the private space or choose to work on collaborative sequences in the informal part.
Our rooms 1+2, 4+5, 6+7 have removable partitions and are used as mixed meeting spaces.
We can also arrange any other room in a mixed configuration with a formal setup and a lounge area at your convenience.

Mixed spaces combining formality and creativity:
Creative Rooms

Creative Rooms:

Opting for a creativity, innovation, and design Thinking room will boost your team's creativity, innovation, and open-mindedness. Thanks to the cosy furniture, an ultra modular room, and useful material for inspiration, you are free to invent, create, imagine, write without limits.

Configuration in islets or cabaret for more interactions:

Book A room set up in islets to promote exchange in small groups. This configuration groups tables and chairs for 4 to 6 people evenly in a room. This organization is ideal for small groups to discuss a subject before presenting to all participants, for a more collaborative experience.

Configuration in islets or cabaret for more interactions:
The U for your interactive meetings:

The U for your interactive meetings:

In a U configuration, all participants are seated around a table and see the projection screen and a coach. Everyone sees and interacts with everyone else, and this configuration is also ideal for taking notes.

A Conference format for your plenary meetings, assemblies, meetings, condominiums,....

This configuration optimizes the capacity of the room. It is ideal for meetings where most of the time is devoted a speaker's presentation. All participants are seated in a chair facing the speaker.

Theatre format

Ease of use

Switch from a U-configuration to an islets configuration in seconds with our collapsible tables.


Our removable partitions allow you to split your meeting room into two separate spaces in a few minutes.


We furnish your room depending on your needs and can involve our partners to decorate your event.


Our rooms are equipped with high tech equipment and office furniture to increase the quality of your meetings.

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